Rorik Bigler - REALTOR®

4019 E. Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, VA 23518

I grew up in the small town of Bennington, Kansas.  After college I spent 8 years in New Orleans, Louisiana where I met my wife.  In 2014, we moved to the Tidewater, Virginia area to build on our careers.  

My wife and I have bought, lived in, renovated, and sold 3 homes since being here.  I spend my time split between Real Estate as a career, a little light video-gaming as a hobby, and I also consider myself a pretty prolific DIY'er around the house.

I know a good deal about calling new places home,I always see what can make houses Home, and I'd love to use all of my experience to my clients' benefit.  It may seem obvious and cliche, but all paths have led to the one I'm on, and I hope the path you're on will lead you to a new place you can call Home.

  • Licensed in Virginia and North Carolina